Configuring Macros

A4tech X7 Oscar Editor

1. Running Oscar Editor
2. Click on the "7" setting button
3. Further in the expanded line we press on point "the Macro manager"
4. In the opened editor click on the "Macros" tab and then click on "Open"
5. Open the downloaded archive, or select all macros Ctrl + A, or selectively move one macro to the Oscar Editor window

6. Click on the settings button "7", then click on the "Select a macro file" tab and select the desired macro from the list by clicking on it.
7. You are adorable!


1. Click on "HEADSHOT", in the opened tab the "FOLDER" button and select "NEW FOLDER"
2. In the open window, enter the name of the file and click "OK"
3. Further in the tab "Oscar Macro" go to the menu "FILE", select "FILE IN / OUT"
4. From the folder list, select the folder with saved macros
5. On the right side we see the contents of the folder with macros, select all the CTRL + A and for copying to the Bloody library click on the green arrow
6. Go to "HEADSHOT", select the button on the desired macro
7. You are adorable!

Another mouse


To install the EZMacro macros to another mouse, we recommend that you read the this guide to configure